Companies without a comparable telematics program would risk loosing their good drivers to competitors with more accurate pricing who could offer “good driver discounts” and lower premium. Thus, the companies without a telematics program risk lower profitability and market share erosion. 
Now, auto insurance companies with comprehensive driving behavior data would be able to better align their premiums with the driving risks of their policyholders. This increased accuracy in pricing could translate to increased profitability and attracting low risk drivers (aka. increased market share). 
DrivSafe telematics app provides multiple personalized reports for the user to help them compare their driving habits to the habits of other drivers (and make changes if necessary). 
The only interaction that the user needs to have with the DrivSafe telematics app is to get their own personalized reports.
DrivSafe's management has 75+ years of combined experience in the financial services and technology companies including developing and implementing auto insurance pricing. Thus, we not only give you the technology but also provide you a custom solution for your needs. 

Why should your auto insurance company consider DrivSafe Mobile telematics?

DrivSafe mobile telematics app is extremely user-friendly. Once the app is downloaded and installed on a smartphone, it practically runs itself. The user does not have to turn the app on/off. The app runs in the background and is activated and deactivated by triggers events. 

Telematics is the future of auto insurance pricing

We can help you develop and expand your telematics program at a fraction of cost of plug-in device based solutions. 
Further, DrivSafe holds exclusive patents in US and Canada to use mobile telematics system to capture, compare and analyze comprehensive driving behavior. 


The auto insurance companies may use the driving behavior data to give a discount to good drivers. Thus, DrivSafe saves money for the individual drivers and the auto insurance companies.
DrivSafe is the first smartphone based telematics system that uses patented technology to capture, compare and analyze comprehensive driving behavior data that has been proven to increase the risk of getting into an auto accident. 
DrivSafe is about to change the way driving behavior is collected and used. 

Until now auto insurance companies have relied on “proxy” information like demographic profile and credit scores to “guess” the drivng behavior of their policyholders or used very expensive electronic devices to capture the actual driving behavior of their policyholders. Neither of this solutions are optimal. 

If the user allows, their driving data may be shared with the auto insurance company.