Scoring system evaluates many dimensions

Your privacy is very important to us at DrivSafe. Thus the app collects information like speed, date and time of travel, phone usage while driving etc. which are indicative of your driving behavior. We do not collect your personal information like name and / or contacts list. 

DrivSafe and privacy

The DrivSafe app is based on our patented system that evaluates driving behavior on multiple dimensions like distance travelled, geographic footprint, distractions while driving etc. These dimensions have been shown to correlate with the chances of getting into auto accidents (multiple public and private studies).

The app compares your driving behavior to other drivers and gives you a report-card. The scores in the report-card ranges from A – F, with A being the best score and F being fail. When you score “A”, you are performing better than 75% of the drivers; when you score “B”, you are driving better than 50% of the drivers (above average); and so on. The scores are displayed through an easy to understand graphical interface.

Further, the DrivSafe app gives you tips on how to improve your score in each of the dimensions measured o you can take appropriate adjustments if needed.  Since driving behavior is affected by many factors e.g. traffic, weather etc. the app takes approx. 7 days to evaluate your habits. The scores displayed in the in the first few days are based on limited driving history and may change as you continue to use the app. We recommend waiting for at-least 30-45 days to get a full picture of your report-card.

Driving behavior is evaluated over long term  

DrivSafe - How does DrivSafe Work?

DrivSafe mobile telematics app is extremely user-friendly!

DrivSafe compares your driving patterns to other drivers and provides you with a personalized scorecard. Further, since driving behavior is influenced by many factors (e.g. weather, traffic etc.), we take a long term approach to evaluating your driving patterns. Therefore, one or two bad trips will not adversely influence your driving scores over the long term. We also give you personalized scores in the app so you may use them to adjust your driving as needed. 

DrivSafe saves you money

DrivSafe is a telematics app that helps you understand your driving habits. Regularly monitoring your driving habits may help you become a safer driver and save money in the long run (e.g. avoid accidents, lower auto insurance premium etc.).

 Thus, good luck on your journey with us and above all drive safe!

DrivSafe mobile telematics app may be downloaded for iPhone and Android based smartphones. Once you download and install the app on your smartphone, it practically runs itself. You do not need to turn the app on/off for it to evaluate your driving behavior. The app runs in the background and is activated and deactivated by trigger events.