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DrivSafe free app is available for iPhone and Android based smartphones. 
Regular monitoring of your personal driving analysis may help you lower your auto insurance premium and save hundreds of dollars every year.
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- If your highway driving score is "C", your highway driving is higher than 75% of the drivers
- If your distance traveled score is "B", you drive less than 50% of the drivers
DrivSafe is the only smartphone telematics system that analyses your driving behavior; shows how you compare to other drivers and gives you on-demand personalized reports on your smartphone which may save you hundreds of dollars on auto insurance premium. And best of all, it is completely FREE for personal use i.e. no cost, advertisements or upgrades.


DrivSafe Provides Personalized Reports In Only 7 Days

- If your overall driving score is "A", you drive better than 75% of the drivers
DrivSafe mobile telematics app provides detailed analysis of your driving habits. It compares your driving behavior to the driving behavior of other drivers. Personal driving analysis may enable you to lower your auto insurance premium saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Free DrivSafe telematics app may be downloaded and installed on your smartphone from Google Play and Apple iTunes.




DrivSafe Provides on-demand, easy to understand personalized driving reports

DrivSafe telematics app is free, and it may save you money on auto insurance

There are some electronic hardware devices available in the market. However, these electronic devices are very expensive and need to be installed into your car. These devices have limited capabilities to collect comprehensive driver behavior data (e.g. plug-in devices do not collect cell phone use while driving) and are generally not very user friendly e.g. may require registration with websites to view your driving reports. 
After the initial 7 day period, DrivSafe smartphone app will provide you with easy to understand personalized report-card that shows how you compare to other drivers on each of the multiple driving dimensions. The scores are on a scale of "A" through "F". "A" is the best score and "F" needs the greatest improvement. 
We at DrivSafe, place high importance on your privacy, so our app only collects information like speed, date and time of travel, phone usage while driving etc. which are indicative of your driving behavior. No personal information like your name and contact list stored on your phone is ever collected. 
DrivSafe mobile telematics app monitors and analyzes your driving behavior on multiple dimensions like distance traveled, time of day, number of places visited, highway or city driving, the amount of distraction while driving etc. The app will give you personalized driving analysis results in as little as 7 days by comparing your driving behavior to the behavior of other drivers. 
Once the DrivSafe mobile telematics app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone, it will run in the background without having you to turn it on or off on a regular basis i.e. you can go about doing what you like. 
There are no other products like the DrivSafe mobile telematics system as we own the patents to this technology and have the exclusive rights to this system.

There Is No Other Product Like DrivSafe Mobile Telematics System

The best part about DrivSafe smartphone telematics app is that it is completely FREE for personal use. We also do not subject you to unwarranted advertisements or force you to purchase costly upgrades to the “pro” versions with added features. We give you the fully loaded advertisement free DrivSafe smartphone app that does not force you to purchase more products. 

DrivSafe Is FREE for Personal Use

All reports are available on-demand at your convenience 24 x 7 through the DrivSafe smartphone app. You can use the personalized reports to indentify areas you do well and areas that need your attention.
The initial 7 day learning period ensures that our DrivSafe smartphone based telematics system evaluate your weekday and weekend driving habits. We also understand that driving behavior depends on many factors (e.g. traffic, road conditions, fatigue etc.) so we recommend that you continue to use the app for 30-45 days for stronger results. Even longer term use would display how your driving changes due to environmental factors like rain / snow etc. when seasons change or when you go on road trips and vacations. Thus you can get your complete personalized long term driving analysis with the DrivSafe system.