If you are interested in learning more about our DrivSafe smartphone based telematics system and how it can help your company build and expand its insurance telematics program, please contact us here.

DrivSafe has built its system by keeping in mind the needs of the auto insurance industry. It collects, analyzes and displays driving behavior information through smartphones saving time and money for the auto insurance companies. DrivSafe eliminates the need to buy and install separate devices in a vehicle; it eliminates the cost of data transmission and it also eliminates the need for separate website based infrastructure to display personalized reports. The drivers can easily view their personalized - at their convenience - through the DrivSafe smartphone app.

DrivSafe smartphone telematics system eliminates this “guesswork” for the auto insurance companies. DrivSafe’s patented technology directly collects the driving distances and behaviors that may be used for risk assessment. 

This makes the job of an auto insurance company extremely difficult as they need to estimate not only how much a person drives but also how well (or not) they drive. Traditionally used information like - age, education, credit score etc. are not suitable to assess the complex and changing nature of driving distances and behavior.

On an average, people drive equal distances for work/school, recreational and social reasons (see details above). Further, over time, as people go through different life stages and their social, family and recreational needs change, their driving habits may also change.

Federal Highway Administration estimates that the average annual miles driven per person is ~13,500. However, the actual miles driven varies widely among the population. It is dependent on a number of factors like - where does a person live, how big is their social network, what type of recreational activities do they undertake etc.

annual mileage varies from person to person ... drivsafe verifies total miles driven using smartphones