Further, the DrivSafe app provides personalized driving analysis results in as little as 7 days by comparing the individual's driving behavior to the behavior of other drivers.
DrivSafe smartphone telematics resolves this issue by providing comprehensive picture of driving behavior. Once installed, the patented DrivSafe smartphone telematics app not only evaluates driving behavior using traditional insurance telematics information like time of day, distance traveled and places visited but also provides additional information like the use of cell phone while driving which is a leading cause of accidents.

DrivSafe telematics system enables auto insurance companies improve profit and growth

Thus, the lack of knowledge of true driving behavior and resultant fear of misinterpretation of risk causes many insurance companies to be overly cautious and under-perform on growth and profitability.
“What if our rating plan is wrong and we are under-pricing risk – we may be exposing ourselves to huge losses in future”
This premium variation due to different in rating plans has caused many senior executives and risk managers in the auto insurance industry to fear fast growth.

Traditional rating plans holding auto insurance companies back from achieving their growth and profit potential

See details below:
The sheer variation in premium quoted for the same driver profile and lack of single company with "best" rates, clearly showed that the current method of auto insurance premium calculation did not produce consistent picture of an individual’s driving behavior. Thus, it could not be relied upon to predict or measure the risk of individual’s getting into an auto accident.
We repeated the processes for 3 additional cities – Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. In the end, we got 38 quotes (not every company operates in every state).

We at DrivSafe smartphone telematics system, decided to research the impact of difference in interpretation. We created a simple profile of a married couple with 2 cars (Honda Accord and Ford Explorer); both 35 year old with Bachelors degree, good credit, no accidents or violations in last 3 years and commute to work. Then we got quotes from each of the top 15 auto companies (by 2013 revenue) assuming the couple lived in New York City.

Traditional rating plans result in huge variations in premium for the same driver

between auto insurance companies

There is no direct information about the actual driving behavior of the person or the number of places he or she visits in this historical rating plan. Thus, the demographic profile and credit scores may be interpreted differently, causing the same driver to get different prices from different auto insurance companies.

Historically, auto insurance companies have primarily relied on credit score and demographic profile as a proxy for driving behavior. They have used this information along with vehicle type and driver’s address to estimate auto insurance premium. The complex process of interpreting customer profile, vehicle risk etc. is generally done through an insurance rating plan.

DrivSafe mobile telematics enables auto insurance companies to improve profit and growth

Without actual driving behavior, your auto insurance premium is only a "Guess" 

Auto Insurance Telematics

We can help build and analyze large, statistically (and actuarially) credible driver behavior telematics data that provides the basis for greater precision in pricing. Please contact us for more information on how you can integrate the DrivSafe system into your program.
Disclaimer: Auto insurance rates provided by www.thezebra.com. DrivSafe did not attempt to verify its accuracy or completeness.  They are only used for directional analysis and not to show a comparison of prices between the insurance companies. Please directly contact www.thezebra.com for any pricing issues.